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Data Capture

SCOHR was designed to provide flexibility with regards to data input. Having worked with so many systems for school districts across California, SJCOE understands the reluctance of school districts to want to manually input data into another system for some sort of state reporting. Thus, as it has done for many other systems, SJCOE has developed an upload utility to allow districts to export all the required demographic and other data from their Student Information Systems, and bulk import them into SCOHR. Once the data is uploaded the system displays an exception report for the districts to indicate records that are possible duplicates, are missing required fields, etc. When manually entering, the system will also run a “duplicate check” on all student records.

SCOHR also has the ability to generate multiple Oral Health Assessment/Waiver Request Forms at once, or generate one for a single student. All Oral Health Assessment/Waiver Request Forms will be generated in a Portable Document Format (PDF). All demographic information will be required before an Oral Health Assessment/Waiver Request Form can be generated.

Once an Oral Health Assessment/Waiver Request Form is signed by a dentist and returned to the school, a user at the school must login into the system search within the schools “Pending Forms” section and input the signature date in the system to affirm.

For school districts that wish to track all student oral assessment data internally (i.e. within their Student Information System), once collected, they will have the ability to bulk upload all their student information including the form commencement date, oral health data, and dentist signature date.