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Each user has a unique user name/user ID and password to login and access the system. Based on the login information the system will know the level of access granted and associated to that particular user name/user ID. Each user will have specific permissions set and all user activity will be logged to ensure the security of the system.

The system is comprised of a four-tier level of access which includes school level access, district wide access, county wide access, and state/system wide access. All school level, district level, and COE level users will be associated with their respective CDE codes. This structure determines which student records and reports each user name/user ID will have access to.

Within each school, district, and county there are another set of permissions, that can be set per user, to determine more specific access rights to student data (i.e. read-only access, user management access, and edit student record). Each participating entity will be designated one user account with user management access (to grant others access with user name/users ID, within their respective entity). All users are required to agree to a Term of Use statement before access is granted.