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Welcome to the SCOHR (System for California Oral Health Reporting)

SCOHR was developed by the SJCOE (CEDR Department) and in collaboration with the ACSA, CDA, and CCSESA, to provide a centralized online method of all required student oral health assessment data.

Schools in participating districts will have access to input, manage, and track electronic Oral Health Assessment/Waiver Request Forms and all oral health assessment data, bulk upload data to pre-fill the Oral Health Assessment/Waiver Request Forms, print pre-filled Oral Health Assessment/Waiver Request Forms (individually or in-bulk), and export all data into a standardized format.

SCOHR tracks the status of all Oral Health Assessment/Waiver Request Forms. SCOHR also includes a Report Generator utility to run ad-hoc, custom lists and aggregate reports at the school, district, county, and/or state levels.

If your school, district or COE is interested in participating, please contact the SJCOE, CEDR department, at To login, if your account has already been set up, enter your username and password into the fields above and click the Login button. If you need help logging in please contact our support.